Previous Guests Include:

John Sculley - Former CEO, Apple
Steve Case - Co-Founder, AOL
Jack Stahl - Former CEO, Revlon; Former Pres., Coca-Cola
Norman Lear - TV Producer
Richard Kovacevich - Former CEO, Wells Fargo
Suzanne Somers - Actress and Entrepreneur
Mike “Coach K” Krysheski - Duke Basketball Coach
Charles Bronfman - Former Co-Chairman, Seagram;
Dennis Hastert - Former Speaker, U.S. House of Rep.
Lance Armstrong - Professional Cyclist, Cancer Survivor
Newt Gingrich - Former U.S. House Speaker
Jack Lew - U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
Anson Williams - Actor and Entrepreneur
Joe Garagiola - Former Baseball Player, TV Personality
Jesse Ventura - Former Governor, Minnesota
Fran Tarkenton - Former NFL Quarterback, Entrepreneur
Charlie Daniels - Country Music Star
Mark Cuban - Owner, Dallas Mavericks
Todd Stottlemyre - Former MLB Pitcher, Entrepreneur
Peter G. Peterson - Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Elaine Chao - U.S. Transportation Secretary; Former U.S. Labor Secretary
Steve Forbes - CEO, Forbes; Former Presidential Candidate
Patrick J. Buchanan - Former Presidential Candidate
Rep. Charles Rangel - Congressman; Chairman, House Ways & Means Committee
William Bennett - Former Secretary of Education
Ed Koch - Former New York City Mayor
Sam Stovall - Chief S&P Investment Strategist
William Cohen - Former U.S. Secretary of State
Bill O’Neill - Founder, Investor’s Business Daily
Howard Lutnik - CEO, Cantor Fitzgerald
Tim Zagat - Pres. Zagat Research/Restaurant Guides
John Stossel - ABC News, 20/20; Fox
Gene Pressman - Former CEO, Barneys
Dr. Arthur Agaston - Founder, South Beach Diet

John Jacob - CEO, NASDAQ Global Services
Ron Jaworski - Former NFL Quarterback
Jackie Mason - Comedian
Rod Carew - Hall of Fame Baseball Player
Fay Vincent - Former Commissioner of MLB
Gary Bettman - Commissioner of NHL
Mike Lindell - Founder and CEO, MyPillow
John Bogle - Founder, The Vanguard Group
Robert Rubin - Former U.S. Treasury Secretary
Jack Welch - Former CEO, General Electric
Phil Esposito - NHL Hall of Famer
Marv Levy - NFL Hall of Fame Coach
Andrea Mitchell - Correspondent, ABC
Richard “Digger” Phelps - Basketball Coach
Richard Belzer - Actor
Wayne Rogers - Actor, Investment Guru
Sir Richard Branson - Founder & CEO, Virgin Atlantic
Tom Daschle - Former U.S. Senator
John Hickenlooper - Governor of Colorado
Lincoln Chafee - Former U.S. Senator
Carl Bernstein - Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist
Jonathan Tisch - CEO, Loews Hotels
Tom Delay - Former U.S. House Majority Leader
Robert Reich - Former U.S. Labor Secretary
John Whitehead - Former Chairman, Goldman Sachs
Jenny Craig - World Famous Weight Loss Guru
Muriel Siebert - “The First Lady of Finance”
Maria Bartiromo - CNBC Anchor/Reporter
David Novak - Former CEO, YUM! Brands
Norman Maneta - Former U.S. Transportation Secretary
Steven Bollenback - Pres. & CEO, Hilton Hotels
Jack Welch - Former CEO, General Electric
Stephon Marbury - NBA; Starbury Athletic Wear
Hugh Panero - Former Pres. & CEO, XM Satellite Radio
Ron Insana - CNBC Anchorman
Rob Orrefice - Former CEO, Dow Chemical
Bruce Hertzke - Former President, Winnebago
T. Boone Pickens - Founder and President, BP Capitol
Admiral James Stavridis - Former Head of NATO